12 ml Matte Nail Polish, Fast Dry Long Lasting Gel

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2- 3 WEEKS


12 ml Matte Nail Polish Fast Dry Long, Lasting Nail Polish Gel


  • Item: Matte fast-dry nail polish

  • Net weight 12 (ML)

  • A professional Nail Art Gift for yourself or your loved ones.

  • Best quality

  • Long lasting for at least 16 days, fantastic and super bright nails for you.

  • Color resistant, flexible and shiny resistant to any test

How to use:

  • File and clean your nails, polish the entire nail surface with the white side of the file.Wipe and remove excess dirt and oil on the nail and nail surface with alcohol cotton.

  • Mirror polish with steel ball, be sure to shake well before using.

  • In order to ensure the effect, it is recommended to use on the nail before coating a layer of base oil, make the nails smooth surface.

  • When used to brush a layer of light, another coat after being dried, suggested that brush 2-3 layers.

  • Seal it with top coat in the surface coating, can maintain longer, and not easily scratched.


  • we guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures

Package Content:


  • 1 X  Nail Polish